Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Visual Studio 2022: Enable Quick Add for Add New Items

In this post, let's go through a nice extension for Visual Studio 2022 that is soon going to be available within Visual Studio 2022 itself within Preview features.

The extension is Add New File (64-bit) and it's quite nice. 

Note: as of today, the latest preview of Visual Studio 2022 is 17.4.0 Preview 6.0, and this extension is still not available out of the box within Visual Studio, so you will have to download the extension and install it.

Once installed, you can do Shift + F2. When this is shipped with Visual Studio, the shortcut would be Ctrl + Shift + A.

And it's going to bring up this nice little dialog.
Add New Item
You can click on Show All Templates and still go back to the default dialog, or you can just add new items using this tiny dialog.

Say I want to add a new file at the root of the project, I can do something like below.
Add New Item
This will create the MyClass.cs file as a C# class file based on the extension.

A really nice thing is, I can do something like below.
Add Multiple Items
This will create a Services folder, and there it will create IMyService.cs and MyService.cs. And not only that, based on the naming convention of IMyService.cs, it will create an interface and not a class.
Files Created
That's pretty neat, isn't it? Do try this extension out. You can create folders, nested folders, and so on.

Can't wait to see this extension to be baked into Visual Studio 2022. Hopefully within this week (so much going on this week with .NET Conf 2022 coming up in just a couple of hours 😍) or in the next couple of weeks.

And watch the following video by Mads Kristensen to learn some cool features in Visual Studio 2022.
   Cool features in Visual Studio 2022

Happy Coding.


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