Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Send Emails Easily using your Gmail Account and without login into the Gmail Website?

Using this small program you will be able to send emails using your Gmail account without login into the Gmail web site. You can send emails with attachments also. I am sure with this small program you will experience more speed.

I have used to code this program.

Download from Jigsaw Share (link is broken)
Download from RapidShare

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To use this program you need to have Microsoft .Net framework installed in your PC.

You can then simply install this program into your PC by double clicking on setup.exe. You can uninstall it later by using Add/Remove Program in Control Panel.

Remember, for now this program will only work with Gmail Account holders.

So enjoy sending emails more faster rather than sending emails in the traditional way and of course, feel free to send me your feedback.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Send SMS using your PC?

With the help of free SMS gateways now you can send sms using your PC. Ozeki NG-SMS Gateway is one of the best SMS gateways and it can be installed on Windows and on Linux systems. Just some little configurations and some little coding and you are ready to go.

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Want to know the user's gazing point on the computer monitor?

For that i have developed an Eye Tracking System. Using this system we can identify the user's gazing point on the computer monitor. This system mainly has four light resources mounted on four corners of the monitor and a web camera. Four light resources are for keeping the track of monitor margins and the web camera for record user's actions.
To calculate the user's gazing point coordinates i have used the coordinates of four light reflected points on the eye and the coordinate of center of eye pupil.
I have used C#, C++ and OpenCV Image Processing Library which has developed by Intel to code this system.
These are some of my systems screen shots.
Feel free to publish your comments.

Monday, November 2, 2009

mmmm...first post....

still a beginner to blogging,seems interesting....