Saturday, April 12, 2014

MapIt for Winows Phone

Let MapIt to track your trips. You don’t follow MapIt, but MapIt follows you. You can view trip info like your speed, latitude/longitude, distance travelled, idle time and many more. Your trip is drawn in the map as you go. MapIt lets you to save your trip as a summary, so you don’t have to remember your trip info.

View MapIt in Winows Phone Store,

Initial Screen
Main Screen
Track My Route
My Trips
Happy Coding.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Session : Lambda Expressions in C# From Beginner To Expert at Sri Lanka .NET Forum

Yesterday conducted a session at Sri Lanka .NET Forum. In this session I have gone through delegates, anonymous methods and lambda expressions. Also discussed about Lambdas can be used in Generic Delegates, as Callable Entities and as Callbacks.

I have uploaded the slide deck and demo projects to my SkyDrive. Do check it out.

Happy Coding.