Saturday, September 3, 2022

Azure PowerShell: Utility Script to Add Current IP to Given Set of Azure SQL Servers

I recently had my public IP address refreshed and the moment I saw that I knew a pain that was coming.

I have a couple of Azure SQL Databases sitting on different Azure directories/tenants that I am connecting to regularly from my local SSMS/Azure Data Studio instances. Now I am going to have to remove the existing firewall rule for my previous public IP address and add a new firewall rule for the new IP address in each of these Azure SQL Servers. That's something I was very much frustrated with.

Finally decided to write a script to make things easier for me. Pushed it to a repo and all the information is listed there (the link is at the bottom of the post).

And no longer I have to worry about getting my public IP address refreshed (in terms of accessing Azure SQL Servers of course).
Script and instructions:

Hope this helps.

Happy Coding.


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