Friday, April 16, 2021

Visual Stuido 16.10.0 Preview 2.0: New Git Features

I am always using Visual Studio latest preview and this morning I saw an update notification for Visual Studio 16.10.0 Preview 2.0. I have just installed and relaunched, and instantly noticed some change in the rightmost button in Visual Studio.
Enhanced rightmost button in Visual Studio
Now when you click on it, you are getting something similar to Git Changes window. And when I opened Git Changes window, I saw this.
Git Changes: Connect to Azure DevOps
And connecting this will allow you access Work Items and Builds for the project. And we can even create a PR (of course, that will open up the browser). As far as I can remember, this was available for Git for some time, but not for Azure DevOps.
Git Changes: Create PR
And then I looked for more information and saw these 2 blog posts, you should definitely check these out. There are more features to explore.

Hope this helps.

Happy Coding.


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