Saturday, April 10, 2021

How to Delete an Azure Hybrid Connection through Azure Portal

This is a quick post on how we can delete an Azure Hybrid Connection through Azure Portal. Thought of writing a post since it took some time for me to figure out.

Once an Azure Hybrid Connection is added to Azure App Service/Function, unfortunately, there is no delete option on the page where we added it or on the list of available Hybrid Connections.
Available Hybrid Connections
Once a Hybrid Connection is added there is a Relay that gets created (this is essentially created with the same name as the Service Bus namespace you have given when you are creating a new Hybrid Connection). You need to click on the Relay and go inside there.
There on the left side menu, you will see a menu item called Hybrid Connections and once you click on it, you will see your list of Hybrid Connections. Now click on your Hybrid Connection to delete, then you will see the Delete option.
Delete Hybrid Connection
Hope this helps!

Happy Coding.


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