Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Creating a Docker Container Running ASP.NET Core Web Application Powered by React and Redux

This is likely going to be a quick post. I wanted to have a Docker Container running ASP.NET Core Web Application powered by React and Redux. Luckily there are nice SPA templates introduced by Microsoft, and there we have React, Redux template.
MVC ASP.NET Core with React.js and Redux
I created the application and did a publish. Then I have added a Dockerfile with following configs.

FROM microsoft/aspnetcore:1.1.2
LABEL Name=ReactReduxApp Version=0.0.0
ARG source
EXPOSE 30000
COPY ${source:-bin/Release/netcoreapp1.1/publish} .
RUN apt-get update
# Installing npm
RUN apt-get install -y npm
# Installing Node.js
RUN npm install -g n; n stable
ENTRYPOINT dotnet ReactReduxApp.dll    
Next I have build the image. This will install all npm and Node.js to my base Image. Once that is done, I have started the Container and all is good.
docker run
MVC ASP.NET Core with React.js and Redux Running in Docker
If you want to learn how to create a ASP.NET Core MVC Application running inside a Docker Linux Container this post should help.

Complete source code is available on GitHub.

Happy Coding.


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