Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mono for Android 4.0 is Here.

Xamarin has announced the release of its Mono open-source .NET development platform for Android 4.0. This release supports all the new features introduced in Android 4.0 which is code named as "Ice Cream Sandwich". Mono for Android 4.0 comes with a VS plug-in, incremental build, incremental deployment, installer with all packages needed, Google Maps integration, and support for Java 7.

The new features that are introduced with this release are,
  1. An incremental builder which is reducing build times by 40%
  2. Incremental deployment support reducing the deployment time “from minutes to seconds”
  3. An installer that packages together all the pieces necessary for Android development on Mono: JDK, Android SDK, GTK#, MonoDevelop and Mono for Android
  4. Google Maps integration - Integrate Google Map functionality into your apps easier than ever before with newly bound APIs.
  5. Java 7 support
So why not try it out guys. If you already have Mono for Android, simply launch MonoDevelop and you will be prompted to update. If you're using Visual Studio then you can download and install the update manually from the following link.

Happy Coding.


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