Friday, November 25, 2011

Created my first Android Application using C#

I was always amazed by the beauty of Android applications, they are very light weight and they are running very smoothly. Since I am having an Android powered HTC mobile, I always wanted to write an Android application. I have seen many nice applications in Android Market, some of course comes with a price and some are totally free.

Android applications are usually developed in Java language using the Android Software Development Kit. Since I am a .NET developer and I have not used Java for like 2 years, I wanted to create an Android application using C#. I first heard about MonoDroid couple of months back, which is a software development kit that allows developers to use C# language to create mobile applications for Android-based devices.

Recently they have changed their name from MonoDroid to Mono for Android. So this Mono for Android exposes two sets of APIs, the core .NET APIs that C# developers are familiar with as well as a C# binding to Android's native APIs exposed through the "Mono.Android.*" namespace. We can use both these API's to develop applications and we can deploy applications to our personal hardware/Android simulator or we can create a package and can upload to the Android Market.

So I have created my first "Hello World!" Android application using C# and it's just great.

My Android Application

My Android Application "Hello Android!!!"

For More information on Mono for Android, visit
     Mono for Android

You can find a step by step guide to learn how to setup your computer to build Mono for Android applications using Visual Studio 2010 from following link.
     Building Mono for Android applications using Visual Studio 2010

Please note that Visual Studio 2010 Express is not supported with Mono for Android. So enjoy writing Android applications using Mono for Android. Appreciate your feedback.

Happy Coding.



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