Sunday, April 14, 2024

.NET Isolated Azure Durable Functions: Specifying SubOrchestrator Instance Id

In Azure Durable Functions, there are times we need to run SubOrchestrations using a specific Instance Id

As far as I can recall in In Process durable functions, when calling a SubOrchestrator there was a specific overload to specify the instance Id. With Isolated Durable Functions, we do have an overload, but I feel it's not that intuitive, hence this small post.

In .NET Isolated Azure Durable Functions, this is how we can specify SubOrchestrator InstanceId.

Passing SubOrchestratorOptions
Here, for TaskOptions, we can pass SubOrchestrationOptions, a derived type of TaskOptions as follows.

await context.CallSubOrchestratorAsync("SubOrchestrator1", new SubOrchestrationOptions
    InstanceId = "SomeInstanceId",

Hope this helps.

Happy Coding.


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