Monday, January 22, 2024

Monitoring Azure Durable Functions using Durable Functions Monitor

In this post let's have a look at a cool project that you might want to use if you are working on Azure Durable Functions. 

The project is DurableFunctionsMonitor, it provides a UI for monitoring, managing, and debugging orchestration instances in an Azure Durable Function App.
Durable Functions Monitor (DFM)
Durable Functions Monitor (DFM): Orchestration Sequence Diagram
I have been wanting to use this for several months now but only got to use this recently, and I like it.

This is basically an Azure Function App. The most important thing for Durable Functions Monitor (DFM) is, that it needs to know your Durable Function Apps' storage details, so it can pull the details and display them. So far I have only used it with Azure Storage, but it seems to support Netherite and Microsoft SQL Server.

 DFM can run in the following ways,
  • Injected mode: Install a NuGet package and expose the UI through your existing .NET Azure Functions project
  • Standalone: Since this is an Azure Function App, you can run it in the same ways as a typical Azure Function
    • Create a separate Azure Function App and install a NuGet package
    • Docker Container using the image scaletone/durablefunctionsmonitor
    • Deploy to your Kubernetes cluster
  • VS Code Extension
We can also customize things like Authentication for UI, its endpoints, etc.

Do give it a try:

Happy Coding.


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