Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Visual Studio 2022 17.9.0 Preview 1.0: Experimental Control Styles

Last week during .NET Conf there were some great announcements in the world of .NET, and also Microsoft has released the latest preview of Visual Studio 2022 17.9.0 Preview 1.0.

With the latest Visual Studio 2022 Preview, we now get to experience the refreshed Visual Studio UI that the Visual Studio team has been working on for some time.

To enable the UI Refresh, from Visual Studio go to Tools -> Environment -> Preview Features and then select  "Experimental control styles". You’ll need to restart Visual Studio for changes to be applied.
Enable Experimental control styles
The first thing you will notice is, now we have an entirely different set of Color Themes.
Visual Studio: Color Themes
If you are used to the Blue theme like I am, unfortunately, it isn't there under new themes.

Do try it out and please leave your feedback on Visual Studio UI Refresh.
Happy Coding.


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