Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Update Azure APIM API from an OpenAPI Definition using az apim Command Group

This is a quick post on how you can update Azure APIM API from an OpenAPI definition using az apim command group. 

Note: As of the day I am writing this post, apim Command group is experimental and under development.

The command we need to use is az apim api import.

$resourceGroup = "<Resource Group>"
$serviceName = "<APIM Name>"
$apiId = "<API Name>"
$path = "/<API URL suffix>"
$specificationUrl = "https://.../swagger.json"
az apim api import `
    --resource-group $resourceGroup `
    --service-name $serviceName `
    --api-id $apiId `
    --path $path `
    --specification-url $specificationUrl `
    --specification-format OpenApi

This will update the existing API while preserving existing policies that you may have on your API.

There is also az apim api update command and that is to be used if you want to update the properties of the API.

This approach can be used if you are facing 504 Gateway Timeout errors when updating APIs that contain a large schema using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) APIs and you are on a Developer Pricing Tier APIM: Azure API Management with Developer Pricing Tier: 504 Gateway Timeout.

Hope this helps.

Happy Coding.


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