Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Azure Pipelines: Create/Update Azure API Management APIs

In this post, let's see how we can create/update Azure API Management APIs from both classic release pipelines and YAML based pipelines.

Here I am assuming, We have already created Azure API Management Service in Azure and we have set up Products.

The process is actually quite easy, thanks to this great free extension API Management Suite by Stephane Eyskens

First, let's have a look at how we can use this in classic release pipelines.

Once this extension is installed, you should be able to see a bunch of tasks starting with API Management - *. From there what we need is API Management - Create or Update API task. We just need to add this task after the deployment of the API.

API Management - Create or Update API

Then it's just a matter of configuring the task.
API Management - Create or Update API Settings
Most of the things here are pretty obvious, so I am not going to explain each one of them. The important ones are,
  • Products
    • Since I have already created a product in the APIM, I can just enter the name of the Product.
    • If you are creating the Product as part of the pipeline (using API Management - Create or update product task), then you need to select Product created by previous task.
  • OpenAPI Specification
    • The APIM needs to have access to OpenAPI specification in order to create the API. You have several options here. You need to select the version, it's format (json or yaml), any authorization needed to access the specification and the location (URL, Code or Build Artifact)
  • Configuration of the API
    • Here, the nice thing is you can specify the Policy. I prefer maintaining the policy in the code, so here I have just selected my policy by providing it's path.
So that's basically it. Once the API is deployed, this task will run, it will pull down the OpenAPI specification, create/update APIM API, apply the policy and it's all good to go.

If you prefer having deployment steps as part of YAML pipeline, we can easily set up this task there as well. Basically something like this.
task: stephane-eyskens.apim.apim.apim@5
    displayName: 'API Management - Create/Update API '
      ConnectedServiceNameARM: ''
      ResourceGroupName: ''
      ApiPortalName: ''
      UseProductCreatedByPreviousTask: false
      product1: ''
      OpenAPISpec: 'v3'
      swaggerlocation: ''
      targetapi: ''
      DisplayName: ''
      pathapi: ''
      subscriptionRequired: false
      TemplateSelector: Artifact
      policyArtifact: '$(Pipeline.Workspace)\scripts\apim\apim-policy.xml'
      MicrosoftApiManagementAPIVersion: '2018-01-01'
Don't worry, you have the UI to select the options just like classic releases.
API Management - Create or Update API Settings
So hope this helps. 

Huge thanks to Stephane Eyskens for coming up with this nice set of tasks.

Happy Coding.


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