Sunday, May 1, 2016

Session : Azure IoT Hub at Azure Roadshow 2016, Sri Lanka

For the second consecutive year in Sri Lanka, Infront Consulting Private Limited along with Sri Lankan Microsoft MVPs carried out the Azure Roadshow 2016 on 29th April. I was privileged enough to deliver a session there along with Fiqri Ismail, who is one of Sri Lanka’s most senior MVPs.

There were mainly two tracks, IT Pro Track and Developer Track which were filled with great sessions delivered by following list of speakers.

Azure Roadshow 2016 - Speakers
Our session was about Azure IoT Hub and it was delivered under Developer track. Fiqri started off with the session giving an introduction to IoT and what Azure is offering for IoT. Then after explaining what Azure IoT Hub is, Fiqri handed over the session to me to carry out the demos. There I have demoed how we can use Azure IoT Hub to send messages from Device to Cloud and from Cloud to Device. Then moved into Azure IoT Suite and demoed how we can easily create a remote monitoring application using provided templates. The session concluded demoing adding a custom device where a demo application written using C sends telemetry data to created remote monitoring application.

Happy Coding.


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