Friday, May 16, 2014

Check Whether a Particular Folder Exists in Your OneDrive Using Live SDK

This is a quick post on how you can check whether a particular folder exists in your OneDrive using Live SDK. My requirement here was, for one of my Windows Phone 8 applications, I needed to check whether a particular folder exists in my OneDrive. Following is a very simple method for that.
private static async Task<string> CheckIfFolderExistsAsync(LiveConnectClient client, string folderName)
    LiveOperationResult operationResult = await client.GetAsync("me/skydrive/files?filter=folders,albums");
    dynamic result = operationResult.Result;
    foreach (var item in
        if ( == folderName)
    return string.Empty;

If a folder exists under given name, it will return the id of the folder and if not, an empty string will be returned.

Happy Coding.


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