Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Online Radio Streamer: Release 2

Online Radio Streamer Release 2 comes with a local SQLite database. Radio stations will be stored in a single central database as well as in a local database.

Your app can check for new radio station updates which means the app will go online and it will check for any radio station updates in the central database. If there are any new updates available, app can download those. Once the download has completed your radio station list will be up to date. Please note that this update is not a application update, it's a radio station list update.

If you want any new radio station to be added to the radio station list, please send me an email on "jaliya.udagedara@gmail/hotmail.com". I will be glad to add it for you. Once the record is added to the central database, you can check for new updates and can download it.

Check for Updates
Updates Available
Download Updates
After Downloading Updates
Hoping to provide more features with the coming versions. Appreciate your feedback.

Happy Coding.


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