Friday, October 21, 2011

Successfully completed a SharePoint 2010 Farm Restore

Today, I feel happy because today I did a successful and a complete SharePoint 2010 Farm Restore. And that is on a different server machine and on a different SQL Server from where the backup was taken. I have restored Site Collection backups couple of times before, but not a full farm.

When you are restoring a SharePoint farm in a separate server, there will be some major points that you might want to consider. Your server name might be different. Your domain might be different. And most importantly, when your SQL server which you are going to do the restore on is different from the SQL server where your backup was taken, you will have to do the restore process in a very careful manner.

Since I don't trust this method of doing the restore using SharePoint 2010 Central Administration, I have used SharePoint 2010 PowerShell. Using commands we can fully customize the restore options and I should tell you that it saved my day.

Happy Coding.



  1. HI
    can u please share those powershell commands. I need to setup the Disaster recovery server. So i need to restore data from production server to DR server.