Saturday, March 26, 2011

Scripting Languages - Web Scripting

Since it is almost the week end and thought to write a small post about one of the most interesting and useful areas in Computer Programming Languages which is Scripting Languages. Scripting Language is basically a high-level programming language(more closer to human language rather than to the machine language) which is interpreted by another program at run time and not by the computer it self. When the script (program written in Scripting languages) got called it gets interpreted into computer commands.

There a lot of advantages of using Scripting Languages. I will list the down the two most inportant ones.
  • Most important thing is it's friendliness with other programming languages. Because of that they can be used to integrate larger systems. 
  • Other thing is Scripting Languages has nice I/O capabilities, including pipes, network sockets, file I/O, and file system operations. Because of that they can be used to communicate with external devices.
There are many types of Scripting Langauges such as Web Scripting, Windows Scripting, Game Scripting, Unix Scripting etc.

Today I am mostly focusing on a specific type of Scripting Language, which is Web Scripting. Web Scripting has two main sides which is Client Side scripting and Server Side scripting. Client Side scripting is, a collection of computer programs on the web that are executed in the client-side, by the user's web browser. User loads the HTML Web page which contains a script and then the script starts it's execution sitting inside the client machine's browser. Examples for the Client Side scripting languages are JavaScript, VBScript etc.

Server Side scripting is used to control the behaviour of the Server and manipulating the data on the Server. Examples for the Server Side scripting language are PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl, Python, RubyOnRails, CGI etc. In either case, the Web browser is used to access the program.

Web scripts are normally interpreted by the Web browsers. Web browsers interpret scripts along with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the language in which Web pages are written.

Feel free to correct me and give me your feedback.

Happy Coding.


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