Monday, November 1, 2010

Updated Compile .cs file into .exe

You might be wondering why the heck we use this when we have very powerful tools like Visual Studio right?

But what will happen when you don't have VS installed in your working machine and lets say you have it installed, but trust me, compiling a single .cs file using VS will take some time. And of course you can use the Command Prompt (also the VS Command Prompt if you have VS installed) to compile the .cs file. But why troubling around when you have simple ways.

Anyway I just did some few enhancements. Now when compiling .cs file you will be informed if there is any compilation errors and your compilation results can be easily viewed by using scrollable result area.

You can download the updated version from the following link.

feel free to send me your feedback.



  1. thanx ayya... :D
    its gr8!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great Ayya..
    Its Really worth...keep it up the good work !!!