Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Business Intelligence with Syncfusion

These days Business Intelligence(BI) is a pretty decent topic in all kind of organizations. One of the nice features of BI would be ability to create Ad-Hoc reports. Ad-Hoc reporting is the process of creating reports on the fly with little or no training of reporting. This has been a major advantage of BI, because end users can create their own reports without taking much time.

Today I am going to write about one of the nice BI tools/controls which I have came across. Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition is a part of Syncfusion product suite. Syncfusion main product suite which is Syncfusion Essential Studio provides some nice controls to work with various areas in Microsoft .NET framework. Since I am mainly focusing on Business Intelligence, I will be only talking about Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition here.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition has some nice controls for following areas.
My favorite control is Syncfusion Olap Client which supports Ad-Hoc reporting. What you only have to do is simply pass in the connection string to an SQL Server Analysis Services(SSAS) database or any XML for Analysis(XMLA) provider and the database name, and the Olap Client has the ability to retrieve all the cubes available within that database, the different dimensions, measures, and KPIs that are in the cube, and display them in an easily navigable tree.

Because of the Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition's features, it comes with a price. And that is the only bad thing I have seen in this product until now.

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