Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Syntax Highlighting C# Editor with an Inbuilt Compiler

Today I am releasing the version of the editor which is Syntax Highlighting version of C# Editor with an Inbuilt Compiler.

You can free download the new version from the following link.

If you have not installed Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 in your machine you can free download and install it from the following link.

This release contains the following fixes and features.
  • Proper form alignment - Done.
  • Will be able to open only .cs and .txt files - Done.
  • Will allow only .cs and .txt files to be drag and dropped on the editor area - Done.
  • Some fixes in new,open,save,exit menus and added a close - Done.
  • Validating when saving files as .cs and .exe - Done.
  • New Feature - Browse and Compile .cs Files - Done.
  • New Feature - Run (Direct Run which will compile the file first and then run the created .exe or Browse and Run an .exe) - Done
  • New Feature - C# .NET Syntax Highlighting (I had to struggle a lot to implement this feature) - Done
It's great if you can download and try this new version and give me your feedback. You are mostly welcome to point out bugs. These days i am working on implementing IntelliSense feature.

I will really appreciate your feedback and happy coding...



  1. keep it up machan i have downloaded but got it got bit more time to install since i had not installed .NET 3.5 so i couldn't get exp with it it is good if you put the basic requirement ne machan.

  2. I developed the editor using Visual Studio 2008 mate. I will post the link to download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 for others. Anyway thanks a lot for using the editor.
    Happy Coding...