Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Application for Synchronize Folders

Since I am a big lover of music(of course it's classic music), I have my Dell filled with songs and I am always downloading and updating music inventory in my Dell. Last week I have backed up all the files in my Dell into my portable disk drive. And since that day I have downloaded many songs.

Then it came to my mind that, I need all those new songs to be synchronized with the folder where I have backed them up in and it will be a headache to do it manually every time. So thought about writing a application, which will do the synchronization part for me. I only need to give the path of my updated folder and the path of my back up folder. If I want, the application will create me a log file stating all the information about the data transfer between two folders and specially with the no of copied files, their names and synchronized date and time. So I can refer it in future time.

Synchronize Folders

For free download and setup this simple application on your own machine,
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