Thursday, April 26, 2018

Running Service Bus 1.1 and Service Fabric Side by Side?

I had a requirement where I wanted to have both Service Bus 1.1 and Service Fabric Side by Side on my laptop. One of the applications that I am working on required Service Bus 1.1 and another required Service Fabric. Apparently, it turned out only one can be running at a time, not the both.

Service Bus 1.1 was released back in late 2013 and uses Windows Fabric. So if you have Service Bus 1.1 installed before it installs a service named Windows Fabric Host Service.  But if you install Service Fabric Runtime and SDK on top of that, Windows Fabric Host Service which is required for Service Bus 1.1 is no longer there under Services, it’s getting removed by Service Fabric. So currently there is no way to have both the Service Bus 1.1 and Service Fabric running Side by Side in one single machine.

But there are two options. Unfortunately, both the options require moving Service Bus 1.1 away from your computer. If you are a developer, you need to have Service Fabric Runtime and SDK installed on your machine for sure.

1. Have the Service Bus Farm in a VM.

This option is kind of hard. You need to set up the Service Bus Farm on a different machine and configure the certificates required for hosts to connect to the server. Then you need to grab those and install on your local machine. That is a pain.

2. Use Azure Service Bus

This is pretty much straightforward, you just need to create a Service Bus application in Azure. You just need to change the connection string and most of the time it should work without any code changes.

Hope this helps someone who is having the same requirement and save him/her some time.

Happy Coding.


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