Friday, January 5, 2018

C# 7 Point Releases

C# 7.0 was publicly released on March, 2017 with the release of Visual Studio 2017. Prior to C# 7, there was less to no discussion about point releases to C# language version (citation needed). But with C# 7, the story is not the same. As of today, we already have C# 7.1 and 7.2.

C# 7.1 was released on August, 2017 with Visual Studio 15.3 while 7.2 was released on December, 2017 with Visual Studio 15.5.

Here is a list of features which got available with point releases.

C# 7.1
  • async Main method
  • default literal expressions
  • Inferred tuple element names
C# 7.2
  • Reference semantics with value types
  • Non-trailing named arguments
  • Leading underscores in numeric literals
  • private protected access modifier
Visual Studio 2017 lets you select the language version for your project. Go to Project Properties -> Build -> Advanced. You can decide whether you are going to live by the edge or not.
Project Language Version
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