Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fiddler Doesn’t Capture All RavenDB REST API Calls

I was trying to figure out an issue in a Web Application that I am currently working on and it has a RavenDB backend.

The code was doing some operations on the RavenDB database (behind the scene those method calls gets translated into API calls to RavenDB REST API), and I was using Fiddler to trace the API calls to RavenDB. But apparently, only some of the API calls were listed on Fiddler and most of the calls were not present. But RavenDB logs showed that it is receiving calls, so I was bit confused why Fiddler isn’t capturing the calls.

Spent couple of hours changing Fiddler settings, RavenDB IIS Web Application settings, but output was still the same.

I had RavenDB IIS Web Application running on 8080 and I was using Url=http://localhost:8080;Database={MyDatabaseName} as the connection string. I just replaced localhost with my machine name and that was it. I am seeing all the API calls to RavenDB in fiddler.

So  if you want Fiddler to capture all RavenDB calls being made from your application, instead of having localhost or, use the machine name.

So now everything is in-place to find out the real issue, I am back to it.

Hope someone will find this helpful.

Happy Coding.


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