Thursday, February 5, 2015

Session : Building Universal Apps for Windows and Windows Phone at Sri Lanka .NET Forum

We've been hearing about Microsoft's vision of universal apps for years, apps that can be written once and run on a wide variety of devices. But with Windows 10 it's finally becoming a reality. So as universal apps is becoming the future of windows development, delivered a session today at Sri Lanka .NET Forum preparing the .NET community in Sri Lanka to face the new universal app challenge.

Since the most of the participants were new to Windows Runtime Application development, had to brief and demo the audience on MVVM and how we can create a very simple Windows Phone Application using MVVM pattern. Then stepped in to the real topic, starting explaining the strategies (such as “Linked Files, Portable Class Libraries”) that can be used to create apps which targets both big Windows and small Windows while having the same code base using C#.

Then wound up the session showing the Universal App Template in Visual Studio and how it can be used to develop apps for big Windows and small Windows.

Slide deck is also uploaded to my OneDrive.

Happy Coding.

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