Monday, July 14, 2014

Session : Windows Phone Application Development at TechKatha Big Meetup July, 2014

Last Saturday delivered a session about Windows Phone Application Development at TechKatha Big Meetup. TechKatha is one of the Sri Lanka’s largest technical communities. This was their first TechKatha Big Meetup, followed by the launch of Hackernest in Sri Lanka. The event has covered topics such as Mobile App Development, 3D Printing and much more. I was lucky enough to deliver a two part session there about Windows Phone Application Development.

I have started off the first part of the session with giving an quick peek into Microsoft's latest technologies and their versions(OS, .NET framework, C#, Visual Studio etc.). Then showed the look and feel of Windows Phone. Since I was concentrating on Windows Phone 8.1 in the session, then I moved directly into Windows Runtime Apps. There I have gone through the app architecture and app life cycle etc.

After a small break, started the second part of the session with Windows Phone 8.1 Application development. There I have explained the newest Windows Phone 8.1 features and Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 features to support Windows Phone 8.1 application development. And finally concluded the session with demoing building a data bound app from scratch.

Windows Phone Application Development from Jaliya Udagedara

I am uploading the demo application source code to my OneDrive.

Happy Coding.


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