Thursday, July 5, 2012

MS SQL Server table browser and a Stored Procedure Generator

Isn't it nice to have some simple tool which will allow you to easily browse through your connected MS SQL Servers' all databases and tables? And then view the table information in design mode such as column names, column types, column sizes and primary keys etc? And finally to create "INSERT", "UPDATE", "DELETE" and "SELECT" stored procedures for a selected table in a single button click?

Since I am little bit lazy in doing things related to MS SQL, I wanted an application to make my life easier when writing Stored Procedures and all. So I have wrote this simple tool, in which it's main task is to generate Stored Procedures which ultimately ended up as a "MS SQL Server table browser and a Stored Procedure Generator".

This tool has the ability to connect to default, named or remote instances of SQL Server database engine. (Please note that, only the SQL Server Authentication is supported in this version.)  Then it can be used to browse databases and tables of connected SQL Server instance and then to view tables design in an easier manner. And finally it has the capability to generate  "INSERT", "UPDATE", "DELETE" and "SELECT" stored procedures for a selected table.

Connect To Server

Database and Table Browser

Table Design Viewer

Stored Procedure Generator

I have uploaded the installer to my skydrive, so anyone can help themselves with this tool. I have ran couple of tests with generated stored procedures and the results were very much satisfying. But if you come across with any kind of bug, please let me know as I am planning to enhance this tool further. It is really appreciated.


Happy Coding.


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  1. Please add some features of Stored Procedure Generator ( then it will be very much usefull.