Thursday, May 19, 2011

Started using jQuery

jQuery - This thing has been going around and around through my head for some time and thought why not put my hands on it and check what this jQuery really is and do some things using jQuery. Started learning from the scratch few minutes ago and so far so good.

Before started putting my hands on developing, read some articles to get some basic knowledge on what jQuery really is and what are the things that can be done using jQuery. It seems like for web developers and web designers, there is a lot you can do and you will never even imagine how a simple and small code snippet can do such things and thats of course by calling nicely designed functions in jQuery JavaScript library.

jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library which will simplify JavaScript programming. All you need is downloading jquery.js file and a simple text editor (well I am using notepad++).

You can download jquery.js from here.

Happy Coding.


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