Monday, April 25, 2011

Folder Analyser and Compressor for easy file uploading

After some time since my last post, thought to write a post about this simple tool I have developed today.

Have you ever faced to a situation that you have around 150 image files and you need to email those to a friend of yours. If you take Yahoo your maximum attachment size will be 10MB. In Gmail it's 25MB. So if you want to email all your image files, the manual process would be creating separate folders that can only contain 5MB or 10MB files and check each image file's size and add them to those folders. Then compress them all and email. Not to mention that you will have to suffer a lot when adding files to folders, because it should not exceed the size limit of 5MB or 10MB.

Since I did face the problem and I have created this simple tool.
 Free Download

Folder Analyser and Compressor
First you can choose the Main folder that contains all the images and then select the size of a single zip file to be created.

Then by a single click tool will create you many folders which has the maximum size of given size and they will contain the all images. And finally again by a one single click you can compress them all.

Please feel free to give me your feedback.

Happy Coding.


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