Sunday, February 20, 2011

Error : Your mailbox appears to be unavailable. Try to access it again in 10 seconds - Microsoft Exchange 2010

Today for the first time in my life, I got the experience of installing Microsoft Exchange 2010 and that was really a nice one. My requirement was just simple, which was sending an Email from SharePoint to Exchange. I configured SharePoint to send Emails to my Exchange and when I checked from SharePoint my Emails were nicely sent.

But when I tried to log in to OWA (Outlook Web App) to check whether I have received my Emails, after typing the user name and password I got this nice error saying "Your mailbox appears to be unavailable. Try to access it again in 10 seconds". Since I am a beginner in Exchange I was confused and tried many things to fix it.

But after struggling for around 2 hours, at last I have managed to fix it now and I am so happy.

Solution was again, just a simple one. That is,
In services, Start the service "Microsoft Exchange Information Store". I think the problem was, without that service up and running Exchange can't map a mailbox to a user.

Now everything is fine and I have received my emails and I got the pleasure of confirming my Emails are successfully receiving from SharePoint.

Happy Coding.



  1. thanx man..

    keep it up.. cheers ..

  2. Thx, saved me some time :)

  3. In my case a move of the active database copy to the 2nd DAG node solves the problem

  4. I got this error however this was due to the mailbox database being unmounted.
    you can check thestatus of the mailbox by entering the following command

    get-mailboxdatabasecopystatus -identity "mailbox database name"

    this will tell you if the mailbox is unmounted if it is unmounted then you would need to mount it and this can be done with the following command

    mount-database -identity "mailbox database name"

    this should mount the database and you should no longer get the error message appearing.

  5. Thnx, similar issue and fix worked for me by starting service you mentoined.