Saturday, November 6, 2010

Simple C# Editor with an Inbuilt Compiler

After releasing the simple compiler for .cs files it came to my mind, that it's better to develop a simple editor that can be used to both edit and compile .cs files. So i wrote this program. This editor is simple and really easy to use and of course it is free. You will just have to wait for around 5 seconds before downloading since i am using a free file hosting service to upload my releases.
You can download this editor from the following link.

Download from Jigsaw Share version

This editor has following features.
  • Default text editor features(Undo,Redo,Cut,Copy,Paste etc)
  • Compiler

Since this is the initial release this will only have above mentioned features. Now i am working on developing Syntax Highlighting and IntelliSense feature. Actually I have wrote the Syntax Highlighting feature and unfortunately it has some little bugs. So i have not included it in this release.

It's great if you can download and try this editor and let me know your feedback. You are mostly welcome to point out any bug on this editor.

I will really appreciate your feedback.


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